Every time someone tells me I can’t do something it’s a reminder that I can
- Katie Kosnak

My life will change forever by the choice I make today
Some days

Some days I just want to cry
Some days I just want to die
Some days there is no sun
Only my misery the darkness of my soal
Some days the flowers don’t bloom
Some days death is whispering
So the thoughts swirl in my head
Some days just never seem to end
Till you make them end
till you make them end then they are bitter sweet
Now these days are over
Some days end with out another beginning
So farewell good bye
the whispering is louder for it is my time
the sun has burst
you might cry
but if I stay it will be much much worse
Let fire free my soal
Spread my ashes under the sun
And stay there stay there for your days will still go on

Kt K

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